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Scrapture Contest

La Plaza Park Cotati

Our Scrapture Event is under written by your donations. Contact us if you are interested in donating. Thanks to all who have helped produce this event for 25 years. We appreciate your time and contributions.


Food, Music & Fun

Garbage Reincarnation provides a junk food feast at this event. Solid Air is our favored Penngrove musicians with their blend of folk, rock and country music. We also include frequent raffle drawings and you must be present to win.

For Kids

We have a category for artists 16 and under, face painting, Clo the Cow, make your own decorated flower pots, and an inflatable jumpy house.

Calling for The Judges

Calling for judges. Interested in the job for 2011 event. Contact Brian Belsardi at

Remember entry to the event and the art competition is free!

The Rules


Crochett Beret

Tapestry Crochet by Thea West

Educational Center

Space Available for Events

Past Workshops — From Rags to Rugs with Thea West

Thea has taught us the value of using old garments. We have learned a unique tapestry crochet technique to combine strips made from old garments with a variety of other fibers to create rugs. Come check out our clothing bins. They offer many kinds of materials that can be reused for rugs, refashioning garments or quilting. If you are interested in learning more about how to make rag rugs or get inspired to remake something just give Thea a call. Contact Thea at 707.763.0774. Check out more of her work.

Hippy Felt Doll

Felted Doll by Karen Hungerford

Karen Hungerford ( weaver) and Nassu Born (artist) join Thea to share their own expertise, creativity and joy, adding an even broader range of experiences. Projects we have shared in the past are:

Our group still meets monthly. Contact Thea if you would like to dedicate time to sit with other women who love working with fiber and other media to create and share creative ideas and talent.

Thea has lived in Sonoma County since she was 5 years old. She learned re-use at mom’s knee – literally! One day when she was going through her mother’s crochet books, a newspaper clipping from 1945 slipped out. It was an article describing how to cut a lady’s suit (jacket and skirt) from a man’s suit. Wool is a fiber that has many lives. It amazed Thea’s 11 year-old brain, and still does. Most of Thea’s rugs come out of her many sewing projects, redesign garments mostly. The tapestry style of crochet Thea will be teaching in the workshop at Recycletown was developed from a need to use strips of various length, while developing interesting patterns. Thea has been developing these crochet patterns since the 1980s.


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